France Day 12 – WEG (Caen)

I’m usually interested in saving money. My traveling companion had booked the trip to France through Equestrian Escapes. Apparently it was about half the cost to book through this UK company than to book a trip from a Canadian company. The great thing about booking through a travel company is that they provide all the transportation for you. Up to this point we hadn’t used their transportation services. I decided it was time we did! Why spend all that extra money on gas needlessly? I was itching to be around other people. You can’t meet new people if you’re never with them. The week prior, my traveling companion had said how much she was looking forward to being with the group and having “wild times with the Brits”. So she agreed that we could take the shuttle this time. Ironically, neither of us talked to anyone. She said they were all too old (even though there were definitely people there that were younger than us). I told her that was no excuse, that older people are great. Since she held me in such little esteem (she’s a lawyer, and I make minimum wage, after all), she did what she had become accustomed to doing, and just didn’t respond.

Anyway, I was stoked to be on a bus filled with lots of people. I love buses. I forget what the Brits were calling it (coach maybe?), but it’s a bus to me.


I’m on a bussssssssss


After taking this picture, I then proceeded to take up those two seats.

It’s a totally different experience arriving at the venue when everyone else is arriving. It’s a lot more crowded, and there actually are lineups to get anywhere. Not having our own transportation meant that we were there for the whole day. My traveling companion didn’t mind this because this was no longer the preliminary rounds, and only the people who made the cut were doing the test. This still wasn’t freestyle, however, and the music was still terrible. I wasn’t the only one complaining about it. Often I just put on my headphones and watched while listening to different music.


The French went wild for this guy. The sign is for the previous person. I think this one is Marc Boblet. Can you see the sign was broken this day? Something wrong with the connection.

During the lunch intermission, we went to the “village” where they had food, vendors, exhibits, and the like. Unfortunately it was something like a 15-minute walk away. I don’t mind the walking at all, of course, but my traveling companion made sure to complain. When there, we saw these horse vans! I decided I need one. My husband always has the truck so I can never trailer my horse anywhere. If I had a van, however, my husband would have no use for it, and I could take them wherever! Plus, it would be a million times easier to back up down our winding driveway.

Anyone out there want to buy me a horse van? I won’t complain 😀 ;).


My first time seeing a horse van!

Soon we went back to see the GB favourites like Carl Hester and Charlotte Du Jardin. Since we were traveling with a bunch of Brits, and the UK is so close to to France, probably half of the stadium was filled with Brits. When the GB teammates came out, the whole stadium erupted with cheers. Here is a shot of Carl Hester before he did his test.

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