France Day 10 – Bayeux

It’s amazing how much I don’t remember when there isn’t something to jog my memory. Although this was the first day that we had tickets for the World Equestrian Games, my traveling companion had no interest in going because it was the first of two days for the qualifying rounds. I don’t care enough about sports to care either way. As long as there is something to do, I am satisfied.
It’s a good thing we didn’t go anyway, because it was raining, and I’m sure we would have been miserable. The arena isn’t entirely covered, so we would have been soaked. We decided to go shopping in Caen instead. I was totally ok with it because I still didn’t have an adapter, and I hoped beyond all hope that this would be my chance.

When we got to the mall, I saw a giant electronics store, akin to Best Buy or Futureshop, so I immediately said “Can I go in there first? I want to look for an adapter.” She agreed, but sat in the car and waited for me. I was so unbelievably excited when I found adapters that would work for me! I bought one that was supposed to be interchangeable for the whole world (although it ended up being that you could plug anything from anywhere in the world, but couldn’t plug it in everywhere. No matter…), and one that had two USB ports. Almost halfway through my trip, and I was finally extremely relieved.


Hard to see because of the rain, but these are street lamps.

Back in the car, she drove us about 100 meters to the mall entrance. We visited pretty much every shop. I bought a few clothing items. Then we went to a grocery store and she bought more snacks, and I got an extra bag so I could throw stuff in to take home.

My traveling companion had made dinner reservations at an excellent restaurant in Bayeux, so we headed there. We arrived quite a bit early, so we explored the town cathedral. I found it more intriguing than the Notre Dame of Paris, and not having quite so many people helped a lot.


It was pouring rain, and at the time we didn’t know that it was open. So I found a nook from which to take a picture of the courtyard.


I love this ceiling!


Inside the church.


View of the church after dinner, when the rain finally stopped :).

We checked the time, and figured we should be able to get in with our reservations a little early, which we did. When we sat down, we started dripping. We were so soaked from the rain that it was making little puddles underneath us. Happily, the restaurant people didn’t mind. We then ate the most delicious meal I have ever had in my entire life. I was in absolute heaven. I never take pictures of food, but I had to have a visual memory of this delectable delight.


Impossibly delicious.

Le Pommier was one of my two favourite restaurants in all of France. I enjoyed it so much that I convinced my traveling companion to eat there for our last meal. I cannot even begin to express my joy at this meal.


Impossibly perfect dessert.

Despite me usually being a chocolate fanatic, I decided to go with the “pomme surprise en chaud et froid” because why not. Pretty much I got it because I understood all the words, but had no idea what they meant. I needed to satisfy my curiosity. It ended up being the best decision ever. I am angry that this restaurant is in France and I am no longer in France. There is no way to adequately explain my pleasure in this entire meal.

Afterwards we walked a bit around town and I thought it was a beautiful sight.



I LOVE FRANCE! J’aime la France! Me encanta Francia!

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