Weekend Madness to Picture Butte part 2

5 hours later, we were woken up by the curtain rod crashing down and the blazing sun burning our eyes.

“That’s one way to wake up,” I commented. I got up and looked out the window. What a beautiful day!

View from our room in Picture Butte.

View from our room in Picture Butte.

I didn’t feel very well as this had been the third night in a row with poor sleep, and my immune system was angry. Despite this, I was determined to go for a walk. Ceci made us some cheese-filled tortillas with bean sauce on top for breakfast, and then we headed out into the ridiculously windy day.

I had looked online for things to do, and there was a “Walk on the Wild Side” on the shores of a lake. I thought this would be an excellent place to stretch our legs. The lake was much, much smaller than I imagined, and therefore resulted in a very short walk. It would’ve been even shorter if the powerful wind hadn’t been blowing so fiercely on us. I’m surprised the dogs didn’t blow away.


It’s only slightly ironic now that I’ve read in more detail about the lake, that we walked in direction the led to the quickest dead end. If we had walked the other way, we would have been able to go for longer and probably have seen more. But that’s ok. My throat was really beginning to hurt and my cold ears were giving me a headache. After our brief walk, we picked up some tea (Mexicans don’t drink tea, after all), and headed back to the farm.


The lake at Picture Butte




Me being me, once we got back I decided I wanted to drive around the whole town and see what there was to see. This really took no time at all. I’m telling you: this town was TINY. We did drive by a sugar factory, and we guessed what it was they were piling up outside. Then it was time for me to go back and have a nap and try to get rid of the sickness. The last thing I wanted was to be ill while driving back the next day.


Every time I see this “Alberta Bound” gets stuck in my head.


Sugar beets!


Sugar factory


Guapito made me a cup of tea, and then he and Chuy went to Costco to buy the ingredients for lots of different kinds of tacos. We both hate cooking, so we must exploit every opportunity we can for someone to cook for us. Guapito also decided to buy Eggnog for them, because in the few years they’ve been living in Canada, they had no idea it even existed.

In the evening, we feasted on more tacos, and almost everyone watched soccer on the tv as we waited for two of our friends that we’ve known as a couple for 5 years. When they finally showed up, we all headed off to Lethbridge so that the boys could do what they love to do: play soccer. I’ve never known my husband to score a goal, but apparently he did this game. They tied 6-6, and they were all pleased as punch. I was delighted to have spent the time talking to my friend and interacting with her two young boys.


Guapito plays hard


We then all drove back to the farm and ate more tacos., even though it was past midnight. We probably ate more that weekend than we usually do in a week. It was a delicious time. The whole time we were there I wanted to know where the butte was. According to the town’s website, it was removed!!!!! Why would they remove the reason for the name of the town? It’s like getting rid of the white rock in White Rock (even though apparently that’s not actually why it’s named White Rock… but that’s a story for another day).



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